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How do I install a PDF reader?

Click on the graphic below to go to the Adobe Reader download site:Adobe PDF reader

What Browser do I need to access the Learning Hub?

To check your Browser's compatibility with the Learning Hub, please click here to receive the Browser compatibility report.

How do I set up Google Authenticator for 2nd Factor Authentication?

First note that you only need the Google Authenticator if you are authenticating vai the LMS (i.e. are not using a RMH network login and Single Sign On).

The procedure to set up Google Authenticator is as follows:

How can I change my password?

If you are a RMH user, you will need to change your password in Active Directory, not the Learning Hub.

If you have self-registered your account on the Learning Hub, change your password here.

How can I report a technical problem?

If you have a technical problem, please submit a support request here.

Why can't I log in?

The most probable reason is that you have forgotten your password, are trying the wrong one, or have entered it incorrectly. 

  • Does your password include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters? It must be entered exactly.
  • Are cookies enabled on your browser?

Another potential area for this error is a space character either before or after your username e.g. " fredsmith" instead of "fredsmith".

If you need to change your password, please check the FAQ, 'How do I change my password'.