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Why can't I log in?

The most probable reason is that you have forgotten your password, are trying the wrong one, or have entered it incorrectly. 

  • Does your password include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters? It must be entered exactly.
  • Are cookies enabled on your browser?

Another potential issue is that you are trying to log in via the wrong method. We have a login for employees using your RMH credentials and a login for non-employees.

If you are trying to log in as an employee, the username you should use is your work email.

If you still can't log in, please contact us.

How can I change my password?

If you are a RMH user, you will need to change your password in Active Directory, not the Learning Hub. This means you will need to contact our IT team at 934 28888.

If you have self-registered your account on the Learning Hub, change your password here.

What will be my username and password?

If you are a staff member of Royal Melbourne Hospital, you will need to log in using the Employees option, and then enter your work email address and work password. 

Anyone that has computer network access, will be able to log in this way (including students on placement). 

Non-employees should receive login instructions. If you do not have a password, click on "Forgot username or password" on the login page.

I am a new staff member, and don’t have a work email address or password yet–how do I login?

Welcome to RMH. If you are a new staff member, and have been sent your contract by the recruitment team, you will automatically receive an email from Learning Hub, with the information on how to access Learning Hub, advising you to log in as a “non-employee” option. 

You will need to continue using the “non-employee” option until you have received your work email address and password. Your manager will request these from the IT helpdesk. When you have these, you will be able to use the “employees” login button. 

I am a student on placement. How do I log in?

If you have computer network access, please log in as an Employee, using the email address and password provided to you by IT helpdesk. 

If you have not been provided these, please see your placement supervisor. 

IT created my email account today, but I can't use it to log into the Learning Hub. Why not?

Every morning, the Learning Hub receives data from both the HR and IT systems to generate and sync account data. This means that any changes made on either of those systems will not be received until the next day.

Can I access the Learning Hub from home?

Yes. You are able to access the Learning Hub from both work and when at home, using the website address: https://learninghub.mh.org.au.

All of the features will be the same when accessing Learning Hub from home.

How do I know what training I need to complete?

When you log in to the LMS, you will be presented with a page titled “completion dashboard”. 

You can also access this via the top-menu: My learning > My courses

Any learning that has been allocated to you as a mandatory learning requirement, will appear under the heading of Mandatory learning. You can check your overall mandatory learning using the half-circle progress bar, or checking for the status of Complete and showing a green progress meter. 

How can I find more training?

Using the top-menu, click on: Find learning > Tile view. 

You may also view using list view, or Coming Up. 

Search for a course by searching by name or description, or press the teal Refine button, to filter even more. 

When you find a learning that you are interested in, tick the image and at the top, click on Enrol all. 

Where can I go to get a course completion certificate?

When you are logged in to Learning Hub, please use the top menu and click My learning > Course completion certificates; you will be able to download a certificate for any courses you have completed on the Learning Hub.

How do I view my CPD history?

When you are logged in to Learning Hub, use the top menu bar to choose the option: My learning > My CPD > My CPD report. 

How do I install a PDF reader?

Click on the graphic below to go to the Adobe Reader download site:Adobe PDF reader

How can I report a technical problem?

If you have a technical problem, please submit a support request here.

What Browser do I need to access the Learning Hub?

To check your Browser's compatibility with the Learning Hub, please click here to receive the Browser compatibility report.

How do I set up Google Authenticator for 2nd Factor Authentication?

First note that you only need the Google Authenticator if you are authenticating via the LMS (i.e. are not using a RMH network login and Single Sign On).

The procedure to set up Google Authenticator is as follows:

To obtain your token each time you log in, you will need to install the Google Authenticator app on your phone and link your account to set up two factor authentication. 

To complete your account setup, please complete these two steps:

  1. Go to the Apple Store (iOs) or the Google Play Store (Android) to install the "Google Authenticator" app on your phone.
  2. After installing the app, open your Learning Hub user profile and use your phone to scan the QR code in your User Details section. This will allow you to link your Learning Hub account to the Authenticator app on your phone. 

After you have followed the above instructions to set up two factor authentication, each time you log into the Learning Hub you will be able to open the Authenticator app and obtain your authenticator token when prompted to do so. 

For further assistance, please contact Learning Hub support.

Why has the Learning Hub replaced my preferred name with my legal name?

As part of our upgrade process, in order to synchronise the data between both our HR systems and IT systems, we have had to update your first name to the name that is coming from the HR system. 

We understand that this is not an ideal solution, and it is important that we do our best to show your name identified. 

We are exploring how we can improve this process, and hope to have the ability for the LMS to show your identified name. 

Pop-ups are being blocked, so I can't see a training. What do I do?

For this, we suggest that you enable pop-ups for the Learning Hub. How you do this will depend on your browser however. Here are some instructions for our suggested browsers:

How can I get a course created for the Learning Hub?

If you want a course created for the Learning Hub, you will need to complete the eLearning Package Development Form. From there, our team will be in touch to assist you with your learning needs! You can find more information on the Intranet, however this requires your to be connected to The RMH network.

I need the ability to see reports or mark off training (such as annual discussions). How can I get this?

Please contact our team at Learning@mh.org.au, and someone will get back to you to assist.

Once you have the ability to do this, this guide will show you how to make reports, and this guide will show you how to tick off training such as annual discussions.

How do I check reports for staff completion?

You may continue to use IRIS for checking staff completion based on cost-centre. 

The Learning Hub also has the capability to show you a staff completion report, for the staff that report to you. 

When you log in to Learning Hub, choose the tile Manager & leaders reports (direct) to show mandatory training progression.

You can also create custom reports Manager certification completion status overview (all of RMH) to see people who are not listed as your reports, if you have access.

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