Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to explain how RMH Learning Hub complies with Australian privacy standards. This policy may be updated from time to time.

In accordance with Victorian legislation and Government policy, the Royal Melbourne Hospital Learning Hub protects the privacy of personal data and training records  it holds.

This Privacy Statement explains how your information (being information capable of identifying you as an individual) will be treated as you access and interact with this website.

Compliance with Australian Privacy Requirements 

The RMH Learning Hub system for complies with Australian privacy requirements through: 

  • our commitment to compliance with privacy requirements 
  • our policy and approach to privacy, as explained in this information 
  • our resources allocated to privacy, including our technology systems and services, and 
  • our people and the training and education we undertake. 

Collecting your Personal Information 

RMH Learning Hub provides free and fee-based learning to volunteers, students, clinicians and external users both online, and face-to-face.

When you use RMH Learning Hub, we collect personal information about you such as your name, your contact details, and other information about you provide such as your employment information or CPD points. Where we do not have your personal information, we may not be able to contact you, enrol you in one of our programs or respond to your requests. 

We collect this information from you when we ask you for it and you provide it (including when you contact us, register for an account, enrol in learning or use our website or related apps), and from others on your behalf authorised by you, for example from your educators or managers assisting you.

This site uses visitor logs to automatically record non-personal data, which does not identify specific users. To the extent that any data could identify you, we will not attempt to do so unless authorised by law. De-identified data from the visitor logs may be used to update and improve this website and for statistical purposes.

Using Your Personal Information 

Generally, we use your personal information for our activities and operations, and in our efforts to expand and improve our activities and operations. Examples include: 

  • to respond to and process your requests such as for information about our clinical education and training programs, or to enrol you in one of our programs; 
  • to provide you with communications about the learning you have enrolled in;
  • to administer and manage our clinical education and training programs and courses, including recording details of progress of a student through a course and results achieved, calculating CPD points, and providing information to higher education regulatory bodies or clinical colleges; 
  • to confirm your identify, such as when you contact us with an enquiry; 
  • to notify you of any changes to our programs and courses; 
  • to determine if you are eligible for certain products, services or offers; 
  • to amend records to remove personal information;
  • for other everyday business purposes involved in the conduct of a Learning Management System that involve use of personal information. 

Storing and Disclosing Your Personal Information 

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Learning Hub has technology and security measures aimed to protect personal records data and training records, from misuse, loss, unauthorised access or unauthorised disclosure.

However, you should be aware that there are risks in transmitting information to us online. If you are concerned about conveying sensitive material to us over the Internet, you might prefer to contact us by telephone or mail.

Information is also stored and disposed of in accordance with our obligations under the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic).

We use various systems and services to safeguard the personal information we store, as part of our business systems and processes.

In using your personal information, we may pass on your personal information: 

  • to others, like our agents, contractors and service providers, who help us to provide services to you; 
  • to higher education regulatory bodies and clinical Colleges; 
  • in other ways that come up in our business from time to time. 

We also share with others and disclose information from which personal information has been removed so that no privacy is affected. 

We sometimes have to pass on personal information for legal or safety reasons or other special circumstances. 


The Royal Melbourne Hospital Learning Hub uses 'cookies' for maintaining contact with a user through a website session. A cookie is a small file stored by the web browser software on your computer when you access our site. Cookies allow us to recognise you as an individual web user, as you browse our website. 

Two cookie types may be used by this website:

Session cookies: These exist only for the duration of a web browser session with a particular website/host. All cookies will be immediately lost when you end your internet session or shut down your computer. Our copy of your information will be automatically deleted twenty minutes after you last used the system. This information is only used to help you use our website systems more efficiently, not to track your movements through the internet, or to record private information about you.

Persistent cookies: These exist for a defined period of time (usually beyond the termination of the current session) before expiring.

Analytical data

When you visit this site, the system makes a record of your visit and logs the following information for statistical or systems administration purposes:

  • the user's server address
  • the user's top level domain name
  • the date and time of access to the site
  • pages accessed and documents downloaded
  • the previous site visited
  • type of browser used

This information is analysed to show broken links in our website, bottlenecks, and other site problems. We use this information to maintain our site for your efficient use. 

No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities unless legally compelled to do so, such as in the event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the Internet Service Provider’s log files.

Keeping your details up to date

We do our best to keep our records of your personal information up to date and accurate and not to keep personal information that is no longer needed. 

You may wish to contact us to access your personal information or to seek to correct it. Our contact email address is and further contact details for the RMH Learning Hub are set out below:

RMH Learning Hub
People and Culture
300 Grattan Street
Parkville VIC 3052 AUSTRALIA

We will respond as soon as we reasonably can including, in the case of access and correction requests, if we are unable to provide you with access (such as when we no longer hold or use the information). 

Making a complaint about privacy

You may wish to contact us to make a complaint about privacy.  The RMH Privacy Officer can be contacted via telephone on (03) 9342 7799.

For complaints about privacy, we will follow RMH Privacy Procedure involving Privacy Officer. 

Last modified: Monday, 20 June 2022, 8:18 AM